Saturday, May 12, 2018


"In Till It Stops Beating, Hannah R. Goodman masterfully renders a tender, heartwarming tale of first love, first loss, and jelly donuts." --Heather Christie, author of What the Valley Knows Amazon best-selling author

Black Rose Writing released  Till It Stops Beating on July 5, 2018. 

Seventeen-year-old Maddie Hickman has always coped with anxiety by immersing herself into the latest self-help book. Then her grandmother is diagnosed with cancer, and she spirals so far downward that she almost risks losing everything she holds dear.

From applying to college to solving the mystery of why she detests jelly doughnuts to writing a novel for her senior project and reconnecting with an old flame (or two), the ever-mounting stress leads to an unexpected road trip where she is forced to listen to her wildly beating heart. It is only in the back of a convertible with pop music blasting, that she discovers what she needs in order to really live.

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