Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 5 ARIA Blog Tour: Lynne Holden

Hannah:  Hi, Lynn.  Welcome to the final day I’m hosting the ARIA blog tour. Tell us a little information about you and where you’re from.
Lynn:   I am a retired Pastor Emerita, teacher, genealogist and public speaker.

Hannah:  What are you working on these days and what’s the current status of that project?
Lynn:   I am working on a genealogical project involving first and second cousins writing about the veterans in our families.  I will not only contribute to but edit the final book.
Hannah:  Can you tell the audience what inspires you to write?
Lynn:   I like the permanency on the written word. I have always seen my work as an attempt to connect the divine story with our stories.
Hannah:  What genre do you enjoy writing the most?
Lynn:  I am best at non-fiction writing, memoirs, and religious articles.
Hannah:  Any upcoming projects we should now about?
Lynn:  I will be available at the ARIA’S Rhode Island Authors Expo, Saturday, November 8 at the West Warwick Civic Center.
Hannah: Favorite movie?
Lynn:  The King’s Speech 
Hannah: Favorite food or dish to make?
Lynn:  Sweet and Sour Pork
Hannah:  Favorite place you have ever visited?
Lynn:  Petra, Jordan and Jerusalem
Hannah:  Favorite music band?
Lynn:  Can I answer Orchestra?…Boston 
Hannah:  Favorite book?
Lynn:  The Color Purple 
Hannah:  Any parting words?
Lynn:  A big shout out to you, Hannah and my appreciation for all readers around the world:  we can all help to repair the world

Lynn's Book

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