Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 4 ARIA BLOG TOUR: Kate Siner

Hannah:  Hi, Kate.  Welcome to Day 4 of the Association of Rhode Island Author (ARIA) blog tour.

Kate:  I’m a Rhode Island native, but I have lived all over.  I have a PhD is Transpersonal Psychology, and other than being an author, I am also an internationally recognized speaker and mentor.  My business, Dr. Kate Inc. provides programs and one-on-one personal development under the slogan “Give A Damn, Make A Difference” 

Hannah:  What are you working on these days and what’s the current status of that project?

Kate:  I am working on my next book. Apathy is Noxious. I am in the editing phase.

Hannah:  Can you tell the audience what inspires you to write?

Kate:  I believe that if people have the right information, they can all live happier more fulfilled lives, and this will radically improve the world.

Hannah:  What genre do you enjoy writing the most?

Kate:  Self Help

Hannah:  Any upcoming projects we should now about?

Kate:  Part of my work is the delivery of Personal development Programs. I have a new program starting this fall, LifeWork Community. I am really excited about it. I am also going to be starting my own radio show called Real Answers on Contact Radio starting in January.

Hannah: Favorite movie?

Kate:  I Heart Huckabees

Hannah: Favorite food or dish to make?

Kate:  I love to cook. I make a really yummy gumbo.

Hannah: Favorite place you have ever visited?

Kate:  I love to travel so I have many favorites: the rainforest in South America, Zimbawe, Vancouver Island British Columbia.

Hannah:  Favorite music band?

Kate:  Frank Zappa

Hannah:  Favorite book?

Kate:  Ah, this one is tough.  I would have to say the poems of Pablo Neruda.  I’ve been reading them over and over again my entire adult life.

Hannah: Any parting thoughts?

Kate:  You can make a profound, positive impact on the world just by learning how to care for yourself and those around you.

Please follow the links below to get in touch with Kate and most importantly, buy her books!

Kate's website.
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