Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bleeding, Crying, and Doubting

It's been awhile since I've blogged but wanted to follow up on my last post Writer's Wall.

So I fell into the even more debilitating state shortly after that post—Writer's Depression. Some psychotherapy to lift my spirit and some acupuncture to deal with chronic pain coupled with overall being nicer to myself, and in a few months—presto!

Well, not quite.

I'm MUCH better spiritually and emotionally. Writer's block is over. Writer's Depression is being kept at bay. I'm thigh-deep into revisions on a new manuscript and working on putting together Sucker Volume 3. My day job is fantastic and the kids and hub are healthy.

My world is in as much balance as possible. . . knock on wood.

To sum up what I've learned, I will share with you a thought that I had about a month ago as I was composing this new manuscript. This is a thought that I've put on my computer scribbled onto a green sticky note:

If you aren't bleeding and crying and doubting, then you aren't creating art.

So now when the critic inside starts yelling at me I yell back, THIS MEANS I'M AN ARTIST! and then continue on my way.

Happy doubting and bleeding everyone.


kacimari said...

I feel you sister. So much. :)

Claudia Snow Classon said...


Claudia Snow Classon said...