Monday, September 11, 2006

Some good advice that I actually gave!

A new fellow blog buddy, Karen asked me how I find time to's what I wrote. Tell me what you think...if anyone is even reading this?

Karen, I posted on your site. Hope you like it. Writing time, as you mentioned in your email....well, I just do it. I tell all my students at the first class that they need to stop making drama and just, I take a poop, I hang with my kid, I work, I’m a mom, I’m a teacher and I it is no big deal. I don’t “set” aside any time. I take each day as it comes and I look and see okay when can I write...okay that time to that time. I sometimes schedule a few days out or a week. I also carry my laptop with me (like now, Mike and Chelsea dropped me off while they went food shopping and did errands. I get TWO hours to write!). I also can say the most effective thing I did was TELL everyone that writing was now on the priority list of working out and everyone in my life knows that if I don’t get a daily work out I am a it’s the same thing. I just am flexible with the how long and then when. Sometimes I squeeze it in between clients and classes I teach. Sometimes I will just jot down some thoughts or ideas or a journal entry while Chelsea and I are hanging out. Writing is imbedded into my life. When she was little I would stick her in the snuggley and write on the computer. I have a sitter now and a regular work schedule too. I work four half days a week with clients and teaching (two nights for that). I’m home with her every single day until 1 or 2 pm and home every day (except the days I teach at night) by 6. Also, to be fair, my job involves writing and many times when I give students assignments in class, I am writing too, with them.

I also take a lot of breaks and vary my writing. However, when I write a novel, I do it quickly and I shlep around my lap top every where and will squeeze in time everywhere to write. Right now I have just completed four novels, a short story collection, and a novella. I NEED A BREAK. But I still write. I journal, blog, email, write letters to Chelsea. But I don’t plan on writing another novel until next year. I still have to edit and go through the other stuff!

So.......that’s my story!

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