Sunday, October 11, 2015

We Need To Talk

Sometimes the relationship between writer and the publishing industry feels like a bad romance. If Publishing were my boyfriend or significant other, I'd definitely have to dump his ass.  

Dear Publishing Industry,

We need to talk.

This is really hard to say…and I mean it’s not you, you are just you—fickle and mutable. Not to mention, you REALLY have commitment issues. You say you like me, but then you reject me. And it’s been like this for 16 years! So, I need to take a break from you.

Listen, this is not a break up but a break. I know, I know what this sounds like. But I really don’t want to end things with you because I do love you, but sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes when trust is broken and feelings are hurt over and over again—I mean really, how much rejection can a person take?—you have to walk away.

The thing is, it’s not working any more. The “yes but no” the back and forth and the waiting, god the waiting…I mean it used to be sexy and mysterious…I would wait for you and have all these fantasies of what it would be like when you finally said, “Yes” and we would be together. The idea of you, the thought of it all was so exciting…but after awhile, when it doesn’t actually happen in real life not just in my head, well listen a girl’s gotta get some some time! I can’t wait for you any more.

Now don’t worry, really. I am so good about this. I’m okay. Even though you’ve been kind of a bitch to me, I do know that you deep down care for me, and you want me to be successful and happy…and listen, I am! I’m doing so many amazing things right now…their just without you and that’s okay.

So I’m gonna go…I have these other loves to attend to (and they ALL include writing, by the way so don’t be too jealous) and they, well, honestly they give back to me and we trust each other. We communicate regularly and consider each other’s needs. That’s no mark against you. You are YOU! I completely get that and accept it. The thing is, you are just not for me right now.

I will check in with you here and there—I think we can be friends, but I can’t see you or hang out too much. Not now. I need some time.  

If you want to see how I’m doing, I’ll be around. Tweeting, blogging. And writing. I’ll always be writing.

Take care,


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