Monday, June 28, 2010

A Writer's Prayer

A Writer’s Hope

I am hopeful
that today will be better than yesterday
that 35 will be my lucky year
that it’s not really over even if the fat lady has sung...several times

I am hopeful
that my words will come out
imperfectly perfect
that I will meet my soul mate agent
across a crowded room
and it will be like falling in love

I am hopeful
that my MFA will not be in vain
that I will teach, write, work, work, work
and it will all be worth it.

I am hopeful
that the deep ache in my arms,
will morph into a strength– a muscle– that
will ease the pain, the burden of bracing, carrying, and

I am hopeful that the best is truly yet to come,
that I will be a late bloomer
and it will be okay
that destiny is real
faith is alive
and cliches are actually useful because they usually are true.


Dorchelle said...

I believe in you and your dream. For if your dream comes true, then there is hope for mine and the thousands of others who dream of being published in the traditional sense (and any other viable, paying sense ;-)). I have followed your blog since our first meeting at the 2006 Algonkian Writers Conference in New York. You do have what it takes and you will succeed. Keep the faith.

Joanne Carnevale said...

My hope is that this all comes true for you. You've paid your dues (cliche?), still paying them, and you share your gifts (another cliche?) with other readers and writers. There are other cliches about hard work and you've done that, too. I'm hopeful that before long I'll read your blog post detailing the making of eye contact with the agent of your dreams and how you both crossed a crowded space to reach each other. Melodramatic and cliched, I know, but nevertheless, there you have it.