Sunday, November 08, 2009

Life Happens When You Are Busy Making Plans

I was planning on taking a sabbatical from teaching my workshops starting in January. But, after careful thought, I have decided to modify it. The feedback I received, coupled with my own reluctance to give up doing something I love (even thought it’s for another something I love), has made me rethink taking a year and half off teaching.

My motivation for issuing myself a sabbatical came from the amount of work I have for school, which is only going to increase come my third semester in January. The third and fourth semesters at Pine Manor’s Solstice program (little plug) are designated for writing your thesis–not one but two, one in each of those semesters. So, looking at my life, coaching and tutoring (my work) and then my children (I have a 16 month old and almost 6 year old), I realized, I cannot do it all. Something has to give.

However, after receiving quite a few emails that asked if maybe I would consider running one or two more abbreviated workshops before I go, I thought–there’s got to be a way to continue to teach and get the time off I need.

So, I came up with a plan: Between February and June, I will run five Saturday afternoon intensive workshops that will focus on journaling your way to storytelling–perfect for anyone interested in writing anything from short, creative nonfiction essays, novels, short stories–anything creative. I will teach the powerful techniques that are the hallmark of Releasing The Writer Within and introduce some new things that I have learned at school. I will also throw in some during the week one-night two hour classes–possibly a class on revision and a Critique & Feedback. So, my sabbatical will really be from July to when I graduate in January 2011.

Don’t forget, too, that I am offering online tutorials–classes online for individuals rather than a group of students. Those tutorials can begin at a designated date that I will determine with the student. I also am offering online classes that begin the first Wednesday of every month and run for four weeks. The cost for the classes and tutorials are the same.

Click here for the schedule for all these classes. Don’t forget becoming a member of Releasing The Writer Within enables you to receive the very steep discounts on all classes as well as writing coaching sessions and packages.

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Joanne Carnevale said...

This is good news on many levels. Even though I will be too far away to come to the 1-day or 1-night workshops, I'm glad you will not have to be away from your students for as long as you originally thought. This better plan keeps both teacher and student engaged without pulling you away from your MFA responsibilities. Also, by holding some workshops you have a place to try those new techniques you learn at school by adding to the already proven RWW techniques and share with so many more students. It's a win - win. Yay!