Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Genius Lines

Releasing The Writer Within ™ Write Your Novel in 12 Weeks just concluded this past week. Our next workshop, The Master Class is for beginners and continuing students. Check out the following “genius lines” from our last class. This is just a sample of the incredible work that was created this session. For more from this class, “stay tuned”– we are compiling our best work for Volume 7 of Raw Writing, our very own e-zine, available, for free on my website. I will post the link for downloading some time in late March 2009. For a look at past issues, click here.

“I never gave in to the overwhelming lure of abandonment.” -Joy

“God isn’t some cosmic bellboy…I don’t believe prayer changes my outcomes…I do pray…it keeps me centered and helps me figure out what God expects of me.” -Maggie, author of Not Of My Making

“I mean he usually sounds like he’s shoveling shit when he talks, but now he was really digging.” -Chris

“I longed for the place where I was free to be me, fun, creative, hopeful, imaginative, limitless, and safe.” -Shakay

“Couldn’t they see that all the shit that comes out of my mouth is just scripted lines on the pages of a play, and my role in the play is Mr. Bad Ass.” -Terry

“Now, as I sit on my sofa, single and alone, I am so scared of how my decision will affect my ability to have another intimate relationship.” -Linda

“Time heals old wounds they say, I think it's bull shit. I pat Sasha on the head and place the first ornament on my tree.” -Kim

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