Sunday, January 28, 2007

A student shares a rejection

I want to share with you an email from a student about the care and support students get from a writing class. I truly think my role is key but even more important is the peer support of fellow students. Joanne, who I think will read this, I hope you know how your words are important to Charlene. When we share in the rejections we all get, we don't feel so alone and defeated. I remember by first rejection letter. I had been appalled by how short it was, how the title of my piece was written in a blank space, how they addressed me as "Dear Writer". Since then I have been rejected hundreds of times and I have developed a thick callous to it...most of the time. As I await the news from that press I told you all about, I ready myself for the possibility of a painful rejection. Read on. Oh, and thank you Charlene!

Hi Hannah & Joanne,
I want to share with you that I got my first rejection letter last
weekend. I was fine with it, thanks to both of you. I expected the rejection
more than not since I have learned much about the process of submitting for
possible publication. Hannah, you have sent us web sites and blogs (as the
one below) and so I felt well prepared.
Your support and the support and positive affirmation from my classmates
has made all the difference for me. I know I wouldn't have submitted my
story without all the encouragement and guidance I received. In my first
class - Critique and Feedback I received positive feedback and constructive
suggestions on what needed work in my story. This was key in improving my
story and making me a better writer.
So, I say thank you to both of you. I will keep you posted on the rest of
my responses as they come in. I hope to keep my chin up through the rest of
the process!
I am working on ideas for another story to bring to my next class!


Anonymous said...

I do know that our words were helpful and valuable to Charlene. I know this because I've also been on the receiving end of helpful feedback and cherished support from you, Charlene, and so many others. Indeed, sharing our rejections keeps us in good company. Still, I'd gladly be a lonely rejectee if I could have the opportunity to cheer for Charlene receiving an acceptance. I'm sure I will get that chance one day soon.

Unknown said...

Tell Charlene congratulations on that rejection! She's now a real writer.