Sunday, December 24, 2006

Received interesting news

So...there's a little interest in my books but I don't want to say too much more. Not because I am superstitious but because I don't want to piss off my agent or the folks expressing the interest. Lately, bloggers seem to be getting into trouble for their posts if related to work...There's a lot of writer-folks out there who just let it all hang out. They blog about editors they hate and houses they think suck. I do not want to bite the hand that may feeds me...well, okay, maybe not feeds me now but soon I hope.

My hope and wish is that these people who are interested will take on all the books. My fear is that they won't "get me" and my vision. My dream is multi-book deal and a movie. Money would be nice but at this point I just want someone to publish my work and help me even a little with the marketing.

I will let you know...only when the deal is signed or not!

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