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9 Questions Author Interview with Kristen Jackson

This week's featured author is Kristen Jackson from Reading, PA and her urban fantasy YA novel Keeper of the Watch. 

By Kristen Jackson

1. What message are you hoping people will receive when they read your book?

After reading KEEPER OF THE WATCH, I hope readers will take away the message to never give up. The protagonist in the story, Chase Walker, goes through many changes in his young life—the uncle who raised him dies, he turns eighteen, he graduates from high school, and he finds a magical watch that can transport him to parallel worlds. Through it all, he remains positive and steadfast in his beliefs and his goal. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have doubts, but he manages to work through them and keep moving forward, and that’s all that anyone can do.

2. Why did you write this book?

I wrote this book for my Dad. He passed away unexpectedly a few years ago. He always wore a watch, and one day—not long after he died—I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to write a story about a watch with powers?” I sat down and started writing that day. My Dad would have loved this story!

3. What has been the hardest part of the publishing process?

The hardest part of the publishing process, for me, is querying agents and publishers and waiting … and waiting … and waiting. I absolutely abhor waiting! It takes so long to write and edit the book, and it’s really hard for me to just sit back and wait for a response. People don’t realize how much of a writer’s time is spent just waiting. In this business, nothing happens fast.

4. What has been the biggest (pleasant) surprise in your publishing journey?

The biggest surprise in my personal publishing journey is support from my fellow authors, especially support from other Black Rose Writing authors. Everyone is so helpful and ready to lend an ear, offer advice, and cheer me on. It’s uplifting and inspirational to know we have each other's backs in this often-times negative world we live in. I’m so thankful for the overwhelming support from the writing community!

5. Would you write a sequel to your book? Why or why not?

Yes! MAGIC HARBOR, the sequel to KEEPER OF THE WATCH, is scheduled for release on October 10, 2019. These are the first two books in what will be a series.

6. What author or book has influenced your writing?

One of my favorite books of all time is WATCHERS by Dean Koontz. It introduced me to the world of science fiction/fantasy, and I fell in love! I’m especially a fan of Koontz’s early works.

7. You are stranded on an island with only 3 books. What are their titles?

The Last Lecture by Randy Paucsh, Watchers by Dean Koontz, The Reef by Nora Roberts

8. What is your philosophy about rejection?

 I’ll be honest. Rejection is hard. It’s a necessary part of this business, and it’s something I struggle to deal with every time it happens. The important thing is that though it may knock me down temporarily, I always get back up, dust myself off, and keep trying. That’s the key. Move on, and don’t give up.

9. Do you have a day job? What is it?

I am a teacher. I have a B.S. in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education, and for the past 10 years I’ve been teaching preschool to three, four, and five-year-olds. Over the years of teaching different ages, I’ve found that I connect with this age-group really well. Looking at the world through their eyes is inspiring. And of course, story time is my favorite part of the day! I can’t share my young adult novels with them, so I knew I needed to write children’s picture books as well so I could share them with my students. My first children’s picture book, JOCELYN’SBOX OF SOCKS, releases on May 28, 2019, through Schiffer Publishing.  

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