Praise for My Sister’s Wedding: 2004 Winner of the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards, Children’s Book Category.

Hilarious, witty and engrossing!  Like most teenagers, Maddie Hickman has a lot to deal with. What makes her interesting is the hilarious take she has on the world around her. I rarely stay up to finish reading a book, but I had to see how this one ended!  If you are looking for a great story and a brand new author to read, grab a copy of My Sister's Wedding. Hannah Goodman is definitely going to have a following.  Rosemary O'Brien, author of First Saturday

This was just one of those books that left me thinking 'Wow.'   The idea of knowing the one who was responsible for this piece was exhilarating. Nick, 18, student

My Sister's Wedding captures the underestimated hardships of being a teenager while emphasizing the importance of the family unit.  The reader is led through building excitement to a climatic ending.  The author has undoubtedly used knowledge of a countless number of different personality types and family backgrounds to prepare this short yet so informing gem. David, 32, CPA

Your book was excellent. I actually tried to put it down three times. I started it around 10 pm and went to bed around 1:30 with it finished. I can honestly say I was sad when the story ends! I wanted it to continue. Brett, 30, financial services

I really enjoyed your book.  It has sucked me in to find out what happens next.  Will she end up with Justin or the sensitive and understanding Sean?  When will the [other] two books be available? Shawana, 28, TV Journalist

I read your book and it is great–really, and I am not saying this because you’re a terrific young woman.  The book is really good.  I couldn’t put it down.  The story really keeps your attention.  You did a great job.  Let me know when I can buy your next book.  Jo Ann, 50, Nutritionist

This is a wonderful story about a turbulent and eventually triumphant young adult experience. I can't wait to read the next offering from H. Goodman.  RI reader, 29

I am fourteen years old and I have recently read your novel, My Sister's Wedding.  I thought it was excellent.  I found that as a teen, I could definitely relate to the story and the characters. The story was very interesting, and it included many classic problems that people my age face.  I look forward to reading your next novels.  Student, age 14

And from the real-life Maddie Hickman…

Hello Mrs. Goodman!
            I’m Madeline Hickman. My mom contacted you and got your book for me for Christmas. I read it in two days. It was very good! I think it’s pretty interesting about how I came upon your book. Last year, my freshman year, our English class was in the library where we were supposed to be working on a project, but everyone was the computers and “Googleing” their own name. Well, this came up like 800 times, and I was a little confused and my class thought it was pretty funny because the little description that you get said, “Fifteen-year-old self-help book junkie Madeline Hickman feels she has a pretty messed up life. She attributes it all to sex and booze.” It’s funny some of the things me and the other Madeline have in common. I’ve had the same best friend since kindergarten, she’s a girl, but she is Jewish. My sister is getting married next December, but she’s not an alcoholic. I’m also fifteen. But, I don’t let anyone call me Maddie except my Uncle, who’s been saying that since I was born. I hate Algebra 2 more than anything. That was only mentioned in there once, but right when I saw it, I showed my mom and was like, “Oh, yeah.” My mom and dad are together like Madeline’s, but all my sisters (I have two) are from the same parents. I’m also super-tall and lanky, but I’m 5’10, and I have go-go gadget legs. I really enjoyed your book though.  Is the sequel out yet? Thank you for writing such a good book. I must say, it was interesting going through the book and seeing my name all over it. Hope to hear from you soon!
(The Real Life) Madeline Hickman

Praise for My Summer Vacation: 2007 winner of a bronze IPPY.

Hannah Goodman's Maddie stories are a treasure! With a deft touch, Ms. Goodman explores subjects teens are often confronted with, and bewildered by, in a way that's reassuring as well as entertaining. Unlike so many teen books, the Maddie books reinforce self-esteem, self-worth, and dignity, and give the reader a quiet role model and confidant amidst the turmoil of the adolescent social scene. A must-read for girls who know there's more to high school life than fitting in, getting the boy and being popular, and a must-buy for parents who are worried their children are 'buying in' to a modern culture that's lost its values. Gina Panettieri, President and Executive Editor, Talcott Notch Literary Services

In My Summer Vacation, author Hannah Goodman is able to enter the mind of Maddie and then draw the reader into Maddie’s world: a sphere that is heartwarming, sad and ironic in turns, and occasionally wickedly funny. Young readers will quickly empathize with Maddie, who must live in the shadow of a troubled older sibling. Yet I believe they will also cheer and commiserate with her while she faces challenges and triumphs along the way to carving out her own path in life. Adult readers of this book will recall times when they, too, felt different, and sometimes too smart and insightful for their own good. A fun and worthwhile read, and one to which I felt honored to contribute. Arlene W. Robinson, editor of My Summer Vacation.

Recovery, troubled relationships, and . . . summer camp? An unlikely combination but Hannah Goodman cleverly weaves these elements together into an absorbing, thought-provoking story of love and loss that challenges young readers to respond with both their hearts and their minds. Michael Cart, Founding Editor, RUSH HOUR

When you follow along with Maddie over her weeks as a CIT at summer camp following a year of dealing with the effects of her sister’s alcoholism and of her boyfriend’s, you move into the kind of culture camp breeds: intensity among peers, romance, and self-development.  It’s a joy to learn along with Maddie that we are loved, can take risks, bear pain, stay connected to those we love and find our way to what matters most.  Sheila Bender, publisher of www.WritingItReal.com

A deceptively powerful portrait of teenage angst and the trials of self-discovery. My Summer Vacation captures the turbulent times between childhood and adulthood, and brings to the surface those confusing emotions, insecurities, and experiences that define our personalities into adulthood." Greg DiStefano, author of Breakdown

My Summer Vacation is filled with all the joys and heartbreak of a teenage summer.  The reader, like Maddie, will reach the book’s conclusion a little wiser and a little stronger. Read this book! Kathleen Hughes, author of Dear Mrs. Lindbergh