Friday, July 05, 2019

9 Questions with Elle Lewis

This week's author is Elle Lewis from Orlando, FL, and her novel Dark Touch, book one in The Glass Star Trilogy, a dark urban fantasy, full of action, suspense, and a hint of romance.

By Elle Lewis

1.     What message are you hoping people will receive when they read your book? Dark Touch is a Fantasy, and it has a lot of action and supernatural elements. But it is at heart a very human story. The message that I would like readers to take away is your past does not define your future. We all have the capability to change our stars.
2.     Why did you write this book? I have an overactive imagination and a deep love of science fiction/fantasy. And I'm absolutely in love with monsters. I'm a huge fan of the classics- vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc. But for this book, I wanted to create a new big bad. Dark Touch features new supernatural creatures and original lore. It has been so fun to let my imagination soar but also incorporate some deeper stuff that is close to my heart.
3.     What has been the hardest part of the publishing process? Balancing time. It's something that always seems like its in short supply. It’s a good problem to have, trying to edit, write, promote, etc. But I wish I could create an extra day in the week!
4.     What has been the biggest (pleasant) surprise in your publishing journey? Two things. The first would be finally having feedback and being able to read reviews. Creating new supernatural beings is risky and I was concerned with how they would be received. So, it's wonderful to get feedback and hear readers reactions to what they are. And the second wonderful surprise is the relationships I've developed with my fellow BRW authors. It's so cool to swap our work and chat about the writing process.
5.     Would you write a sequel to your book? Why or why not? Why yes, I would! And it is currently in the works. Genesis Rising is the sequel to Dark Touch and I'm working hard on it as often as I can.
6.     What author or book has influenced your writing? C.S. Lewis introduced me to the world of Fantasy. As well as Tolkien. They are like family to me and have had huge influences on my writing and in my personal life. Recently, I would have to say Martha Wells. She wrote a science fiction novella series that I immediately fell in love with. And her writing is stunning. Her ability to world build is truly inspiring.
7.     You are stranded on an island with only 3 books. What are their titles? I'm totally going to cheat and assume this includes book series, lol! The Lord of the Rings, The Harry Potter series, and The Murderbot diaries (swoon).
8.     What is your philosophy about rejection? Ah, rejection, the best friend of an author. My philosophy is – the writing industry is part of the entertainment industry, and it really requires some thick skin. Not everyone is going to like your book. And that's ok. To be honest, I find humor in some of the more vehement one-star book reviews that I've received. I can't help it, they crack me up, sometimes to the point of tears. Because a book is just this small little thing you know? It takes up like, what? An inch on a bookshelf. Maybe less? And people get mad and go on a mean-spirited rant. I can't help it, it's funny. I just want to pat them on the head and be like, "shhh it's okay. It's just a book, it can't hurt you."
9.     Do you have a day job? What is it? I am a cardiac nurse, specializing in procedures.

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